Up dating Dec. 20,2012

I need to up date what I've added to my collection of digital paintings.

September 20th, 2012 New painting Pyramid Scroll

I finished this painting last night. It's 20x16 inches Digital painting. The painting can be purchased in larger or smaller sizes. Laurie says it's a scroll. I don't know what it is.

Digital paintings

I have entered a new area, Digital painting. Sure saves on paint, and canvas. These are just a few of paintings that I have created using my digital art program. The top one is titled "Thinking", the one to the left "Easter Eggs", and on the left is "Campfire".

New painting in Peru

This one started out as a study with wet on wet technique. Moving wet paint around on a wet surface using my airbrush. Then as I progressed, the painting took over and I couldn't stop. What fun! Here is the result. I called it "Emergence"

Costa Rican Inspiration
InspiraciĆ³n de Costa Rica
El Caribe
54" X 84"
This huge painting was inspired by my memories of our early trips to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, which remains my favorite part of the country.
Abstracts in Black & White

My first art style was abstract, mostly in Black & White. Although I paint in many other styles, and even use color, my first artistic love always returns to talk to me. Many of my paintings are in private collections.
 Urban Dreams
Laurie's Current Favorite


...........Reaching Out.....................Overlappings........